Nihilista was born in Breslau. Growing up on the outskirts of civilization. His first lullaby was the sound of post-communist factories. Initially involved in punk subculture, and then slowly dissolving into the industrial and the occult scenes (Der Sieg, Quadriga Sexualis). In 1999 he moved to London, which has been his harbour ever since. Penetrating the underbelly of London's nightlife, he's active in both the occult and fetish communities. During the recording of the "Divine Misanthropy" album, the band gained a new member - in the shape of Goter Jokkson. Both Nihilista and Goter are active members of Out Of Control a disparate ensemble of creative individuals, deeply devoted to art and alternative ways of living. In the Spring of 2009, while starting "9mm to FREEDOM TOUR", Neon M3 joins the group. Neon is a London's well known VJ.

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