Newest Zealand



Newest Zealand is a sort of dream-team of the Polish indie scene. The mastermind behind the project, Borys Dejnarowicz, has released a diverse body of musical work to date, from post-punk (with The Car Is On Fire) to modern classical (solo) to shoegaze (with CNC). This time he invited the creme de la creme of young local musicians (formerly or currently from such bands as Mitch & Mitch, Muchy, Renton, Afro Kolektyw, Excessive Machine, Furia Futrzaków, Kolorofon, Wilson Square and many others), as well as the internationally famous jazz violinist and composer Krzesimir Dębski, multiinstrumentalist Jarosław Zawadzki and teen-pop singer Ala Boratyn. The result is an eclectic stream of sophisticated, yet powerfully emotional songwriting influenced by soft-rock, baroque-pop, jazz, bossanova and new wave. Simply put: if you only want to buy one Polish album this year - this is the one.

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