A power trio that delivers an explosive alt-rock blend of power, beauty, dissonance, dynamics, and lush textures that reach for supersonic heights. If metal, pop, and space rock had sex in a 747, they would give birth to a three-headed baby named NATIONAL JET SET. NJS took flight in 2000 in Chicago and have been delivering their crafted wall of sound ever since to much acclaim. With every show they have played, their blistering anthems earned them the respect and admiration of peers and fans alike across Chicago. To see them live is to truly experience a great and powerful band full of promise and possibility. Their debut album, “Saving All My Energy”, documents this promise and possibility with a mature and developed sound. All ten tracks are packed with scorching guitars, thundering drums, grooving bass, and soaring vocals. The songs navigate effortlessly between sonic bombast and quiet intimacy while still maintaining their unique “jet set sound”.

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