Mullet Mohawk



Mullet Mohawk, Once upon a time in Canada. There was a native american indian who was member of mohawk tribe. His name was Yu'HA (means intelligent rabbit in mohawk langague) and he suffered from two problems, like do 90% of these days american indians. These two problems were called "painkillers" and "bourbon" After drinking 20 years in a row Yu'HA decided to quit drinking and move to the country where there are polar bears. So he asked from some local yankee bartender "where is it possible to see polar bears" and the damn yankee answered "in the nokia-country of course". So Yu'Ha packed all his stuff ( pan-flute and pack of recycled condoms [it's ecolocigal u know] ). And asked his shaman father, whose name was Va'Pis, to cast a teleportation spell and suddenly Yu'HA was in the middle of Finland. He was in a city called Lahti (the business city) and suddenly someone was shouting to him "YO hippie, get-the-fuck-out of here". Yu'HA was shocked, he saw a huge nerdy looking security guard, whose head was so big, that it was making Oprah's ass sized shadow in the ground. And Yu'HA also noticed something that he had never seen before. This goddamn security-homo had hair that was short at the top and long from behind and same styled mustache that Hercule Poirot has. Because his Va'Pis father also made some language spells it was possible to communicate with this weird structure who was shouting to him. So Yu'HA asked from security-homo (note: yes, all security guards are really homos). "What is this place, and where are all polarbears". and the answer was rude, but still friendly "Where the fuck are u from hippie, there aint no fuckin' polar bears in finland, only thing we have is darkness, beer and attitude problems here". Yu'Ha was really shocked (once again). Security-homo took juha to local bar (tirra) and offered him a glass of cheapo bourbon (old dignity) and they started talking. Yu'Ha explained the whole situation and his life story (drinkingdrinkingdrinkingdrinkingfinland). And security-homo was listening silently because he didnt know a shit about native american indians. After story was told security-homo told his story in a nutshell: "because of ego-problems i started to work as securityguard and i am not a homosexual, i like marusha and rmb and i try to fix my selfesteem problems by trying to be trance superstar, but i still havent finished any tracks". So was the never ending friendship born and Yu'HA even gave his new friend a mohawk-name "Yoon--s" (means 'the one who likes titties a lot and has a gigant sized head'). After they got kicked out from bar because of bad behaviour they took taxi to Yoon--s' place in Helsinki. They drinked till they passed out on the floor. In the morning time Yoon--s played some of his unfinished tracks to Yu'HA and Yu'Ha got an idea to try to mix some of his mohawk-tribes drinking songs to Yoon--s' trance music. So he took his panflute from his bag and started playing. Yoon--s recorded it and made it fit into a track and the result was suprisingly nice. After that Yu'Ha moved to Yoon--s place and Yoon--s got kicked out from security guard job because of being worst security guard ever. So they had only time for drinking and making music. After a while they got their first live-gigs and after a year or so they played their first live in russia. Since then they have played in such countries as: russia, ukraine, israel, india and of course finland. (ok now i've written this shit for too long time, so thats fuckign it. U CAN CONTACT THESE HOMOS WITH EMAIL MULLETMOHAWK@GMAIL.COM ALSO VISIT OUR MYPASCE BAGE AND OURZ VEB SITES - AND REMEMBER. LET YOUR MULLET GROW AND MOHAWK ARISE - IT IS ONLY WAY TO BE CONNECTED TO UNIVERSE. SORRY FOR MU EXEOTIC ENGLINXX Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.