1. From small town Radom in Poland, the beginings of MORR reach the year 2000. The members: Daniel Klimczak - rythm guitar and vocals, Tomasz Jaworski - drums, Marcin Banaszkiewicz - bass, Michal Tkaczyk - lead guitar. At the end of 2000 the band suspended it`s activity because of personal matters. In January 2004 the band was reactivated containing the following members, Daniel Klimczak - guitar, vocals, Tomasz Jaworski - drums, Tomasz Gotowala - bass, Arkadiusz Krawczyk - guitar and backing vocals, Marek Kosnic - keyboard. In the middle of 2004 band finished working on the first official project (Morr - Morr), which was released independently in middle of 2005. It contains 7 author`s tracks plus a bonus "Heavy metal rangers" (a theme from the "Power rangers" movie) all in a heavy metal feel with a keyboard aura. At the end of 2005 Marek Kosnic (keyboard) has left the band. Presently (2006) all work on the new single "Medallion" is finished. "Medallion" contains 3 tracks, "The Gates", "The Underground Circle" and "Medallion".

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