Mindrite is a truly uncompromising five-piece melodic metal group with five different tastes and backgrounds and a common goal of writing music from their hearts and souls. Mindrite taps profoundly into the psyche of their captivated audiences with each live show. The most novel and noteworthy element of Mindrite's dynamic is their ability to truly achieve a live sound that is comparable and sometimes even better than the recorded version. There is no pitch correction and tedious editing that goes into Mindrite during a recording session to make them sound like something they are not. It is a shame this should be such a novelty in today's industry yet time and time again bands take too much advantage of our flourishing and ever affordable technology by over-producing themselves and not being able to live up to their pretense of artist. The industry in this manner is a gamble when you buy into an artist you are more than likely purchasing an air-brushed stock that could never yield returns when put to the test. Namely you are going to get live what you hear on the album with Mindrite period, and if you invest in their stock, you are getting what you pay for and thensome. From Iowa. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.