Mina Harker



Since the beginning of time, mankind has dreamt up, conceived and often feared the dark worlds, mysterious myths, folklore and utopias, due to their inconceivable and menacing nature. The dark of night, with its myriad creatures, often hard to spot for those that do not listen or watch attentively, holds a similar fascination. It is from these spheres that Mina Harker gathers the inspiration for her tales, which are oh so surreal, outstanding and passionate. This is also reflected in the duo’s musical basis which seems to have spawned from similar twilit worlds, though slightly easier to grasp with its gloomy digital aesthetics, elaborate song writing, hard guitar sounds, opulent electronics and the often powerful and sometimes heavenly voice of Mina Harker. “Tiefer” is irresistible and already stirring up velvety, yet sweeping waves long before the release of the album of the same title.

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