Mike Mictlan



Mike Mictlan (pronounced meek-lawn) originally hails from Los Angeles, where he began rapping at an early age. By ten he had already decided that it was all he ever wanted to do with his life, and he's stuck to that path through all of the ups and downs. In the mid-nineties Mike spent a year with family in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during which time he befriended several future Doomtree crew members, among them P.O.S, who credits Mictlan with teaching him how to rap. Soon after returning to LA, Mike began playing shows and working with other artists in the scene, though he never lost touch with his friends in the frozen north. As the years went by, Doomtree became a formidable contender in the midwestern underground rap game, and after much consideration (and incessant needling from the crew itself), Mike Mictlan decided to make the big move in 2004, and he has never looked back.

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