Mental Ward. Where did the name come from, who are they? Well Im gonna fill you in on a little information. It all started out in about 93. When I met Stitchez back in kindergarten. I used to whoop his ass and steal his action figures or whatever. And up until now weve been homies. We didnt really begin to rap until about 97. When we would dub the shit on to tape wit the kareoke machine. I than went to high school and met up wit my homies now, Troubled Mindz and Demonic. I knew Wayne Dub from back in Middle School. In 2004 we began doing shows with Murder House Records, we werent officially on the label until about 2005 Early in the year. From that point on its been like magic, everything that we have done and Murder House Has done for us seemed to be falling into place. And one last thing.....coming from downriver detroit....were Mental Ward.... Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.