Maxine Nightingale



Maxine Nightingale (born 2 November 1952, in Wembley, London) is an English R&B and soul music singer, best known for her hits in the 1970s.One of the three children of Guyanese-born comedian Benny Nightingale and his wife Iris (the couple had another daughter, Rosalind, and a son, Glen1), Maxine Nightingale first vocalized with her school band. When Nightingale was aged thirteen she and a friend visited a neighbourhood house where a band called Unisound was rehearsing: Nightingale was asked to sing with the band and resultantly became a member performing extensively on the British cabaret circuit: the manager of a club where Unisound performed arranged for Nightingale to cut a demo which he shopped to Pye Records[2] for whom Nightingale made her first recordings. Despite being overseen by label a&r head Cyril Stapleton, Nightingale's three Pye single releases - issued in June and July 1969 and 26 March 1971 - went unnoticed.[3]

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