There is a risk of speaking about Marina Gallardo without actually speaking about her. One could begin by either mentioning Remate - as her main confidant and principal defender, who also produced her first demo and was responsible for the sound in her debut album. - or by speaking about Paco Loco, who recorded and mixed "Working To Speak" in five days at his studios in El Puerto de Santa Maria, in the exact place where Marina was born. One could also mention Nathan James, who was responsible for mastering her album at Jigsaw studios, in New York. Other names also pop up such as Lisa Germano, Kristin Hersh, Lois, Liz Phair or Cat Power which combine an "easy" association of ideas: "female –sui generis- singer and songwriter, more or less alternative, who composes Rock that sounds like Folk, or Folk that sounds like Rock…so this may be what it sound like".

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