"Songs for the Shortwave," the first Locust Avenue release came out in 2001 on Norman, Oklahoma's Gabe Wingfield led Maritime Fist Glee Club label. The album was recorded in Kansas City, Kansas in relatively quick fashion by Drew Van Wagner and Jeff Richardson with assistance on drums and bass from Chris Van Wagner. In November of 2003 a new lineup was formed with Matt Carson (guitar, vocals) Jeff Cooper (bass) Blaine Palmer (drums) and Jeff Richardson (guitar, vocals.) The second record "The New Originals," was also released on the Maritime Fist label in April of 2005, recorded with Carl Amburn in Norman, OK. Palmer and Carson left the group in the summer of 2005 for Japan and Chicago (Carson currently plays in the Chicago-based band Miracle Condition.) After a few lineup shifts Palmer re-joined Jeff and Jeff in June of 2006 mere months after returning from Japan. The band just released their third album "3 O'Clock Target," in February 2008. This time recorded with Chris Harris in Norman, OK.

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