Laver Bariu is arguably the best known Albanian clarinetist of the last half century and an important figure in the development of urban folk music in the south-eastern Albanian region of Toskëria. Born in the southern town of Përmet, Laver was exposed to Përmeti folk music traditions from a young age via his father Bari Nurka, a well known local singer and llautë player. As a youngster he resorted to making his own instruments from any handy materials that he could find and his keenness and passion for music did not go unnoticed by his father. In 1935 the family moved to the eastern town of Korçë, at that time a vibrant and important centre of Tosk Albanian music and culture. Here he mingled with a far wider selection of singers and musicians and gained his first experience of playing in different groups and ensembles.

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