Lamat (Yellow Electric Star, in the Mayan calendar) is Marcos Sanchez from Mexico & belongs to a new wave of young Mexican talents in charge of transmitting a message from Mexico to the world. Marcos studied music in well known music schools in Mexico such as Conservatorio de las Rosas of Morelia Mich and Bellas Artes, as well as audio engineering in the academy of music and audio G. Martell in Mexico City. In his youth Marcos was playing guitar in bands. In the year 2002 Marcos started producing Psychedelic Trance along side new comers Mexican Psy Trance producers Han solo (Jose M.) ex-member of Lamat, Raxo and Ergot former members of Amadetzana, TNT and Total sickness. In time Lamat developed a high quality and clear-crystal production sound with powerful bass-lines and energized colorful melodies. In the year 2005 Lamat signs with AP Records and releases his debut album "Master Control" with a great success which makes Lamat a well known name in the Psy Trance scene, frequently playing live all over the world. Marcos Sanchez is also a member of F.F.T (Future Frequency Technology) which he formed in 2004 with his long time friend & partner Stalker (Christian Vogel).

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