The music of Kovlo could be defined as post-rock, with influences from noise-rock and even jazz. Through experimentation and putting together different personalities, after some months the project Kovlo takes a shape and creates its own way. The first round ends in September 2005, with the release of the first CD A new position for a second degree burnt, recorded at the historical Bips Studio in Milan (recording studio in the past of bands like Afterhours, Matia Bazar and Casino Royale), with the support of the sound engineer Nicola Calgari (collaborator in the past of Matia Bazar, Ivano Fossati, Afterhours, Prozac+). The 19th of October 2005 the first concert in a private atmosphere at the Osteria del Teatro in Banco, while the 11th of November 2005 there's the official showcase to present the CD at the Living Room in Lugano. The tour to promote the album will go on in the next months in different clubs in Canton Ticino and Italy. In april 2007, Kovlo have recorded the second album at Red House Recordings in Senigallia (Italy), with the sound engineer David Lenci (Uzeda, Charlotte Hatherley) and the artistic producer Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey). Donatello Laurenti (Ledh Kathrien) joined the band in the summer of 2007. "Charlotte" is the first official single from Kovlo's upcoming second studio album I'm so Happy on this Boat.

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