Konkwista 88



Konkwista 88 is a Polish RAC band formed in 1990 in Wroclaw. Some members played in a punk band Excces before. The very first song of K88 was "My Kibice". Since the album "Krew Naszej Rasy" ("Blood Of Our Race") the band started to identify oneself only with the nazi skinheads movement (Wroclaw's Aryjski Front Przetrwania - eng. Aryan Survival Front). In the beginig K88's albums were legal and avalible in music stores and the ballad "Bramy Valhalli" (eng. "Gates Of Valhalla") was a very popular song played in many clubs.Konkwista 88 played a lot concerts in Europe and the USA. Since the album "Co Zrobiłeś Dla Sprawy?" (eng. "What Have You Done For The Cause?") they've changed their style from rock'n'roll to more heavy sounds. They have also recorded a lot of their songs in English and released one album in Spanish. After releasing the album "Bend Their Rule" in 2005, K88 disbanded.

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