Kippi Kaninus



His name is Gudmundur Vignir Karlsson but he likes to call himself KIPPI KANINUS when making music. "Kippi Kaninus" is latin for the muscle that makes you smile. He's been making music for ages but few months ago nobody had heard of him. That changed a bit when he made his first cd and sold 20 copies at the majestic 12 tonar record store in Reykjavik. That album was available here too but isnt anymore as Kippi doesnt feel like making more of it. Its sleeve was a bit complicated and unique and Kippi's frau had to take out her sewing machine when making it. That first self made album was called "I siddegiskaffinu: Sigild tonlist" (Afternooncoffee: Classical music) after a radio show on the old people's radio station. It had 10 songs of which 5 have now surfaced on Kippi's first "real" album, H U G G U N ("C O M F O R T"), along with 7 new tracks. Kitchen Motors released the album, but KiraKira from the Kitchen was one of the few people that bought the self made album. She likes to call Kippi's music: "Organic electronica, interwoven with clever nano beats and hidden melodies. His beats are mostly made from various play with contact mikes."

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