Kaura (pronounced kay-aura) was born from the vision of infusing the aggressive power of hard, yet melodic rock with the haunting and ethereal sounds of ancient instruments. In the short time since the band formed in 2005, they have been invited to open for TOOL, Rob Zombie, and Godsmack by Bill Graham Presents, and had A Perfect Circle’s Paz Lenchantin play on their self released EP. In addition, they traveled to the distant lands of India, Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Laos, and Nepal to seek out instruments and experiences to fully realize their vision; all of which was captured on video and made into their “Travels” DVD. “We wanted to have the ability to infuse hammered dulcimers with distorted guitars, gamelan bells and tabla with tribal drums to create this really expansive depth of sound." Benjamin explains. The Berkeley-based band came to be after many years of envisioning the message, mood, sights and sounds that would be used to create the unique palette from which the vision of Kaura would be painted. Comprised of Malcolm Guess (vocals, guitar, tabla), Benjamin Jones (drums, percussion), Michael Cates (bass), Ben Rojas(guitar)and Yosh(hammered dulcimer, gamelan, percussion); the band sought to not only carve out a unique musical voice but also a different lyrical voice. "The lyrical focus is more on themes of evolution, re-birth, social and personal consciousness rather than the standard self-loathing, angry at-the-world fare of most hard rock bands" says Guess. Drawing from his experience as a sound engineer, Guess recorded and produced Kaura’s self-titled 5-song EP released in mid 2005. Returning from their travels in early 2006, they began writing material with their new instruments and the inspiration of their adventures. Though they have accomplished and created a lot in the short amount of time being a band, Guess suggests “We’ve but only hinted at what’s to come”. The bands long awaited full length album is set for release in Summer/Fall 2009.

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