June Paik are an emotive hardcore band from Donauwörth in Germany. They've released a selftitled 7" (React With Protest), a selftitled 12" (React With Protest/Parade of Spectres), the latter of which drew their already dark and intense style more towards epic build ups and heavy droning passages much in the vein of mid-90's Canadian hardcore bands such as Union of Uranus and One-Eyed God Prophecy, a Split 12" with Titan (React with Protest), a selftitled 10" (React with Protest) and a Split 7" with Battle of Wolf 359 (React with Protest/Adagio830).They also contributed a song on each the Emo Apocalypse and Emo Armageddon compilations from React With Protest. The band members are Daniel, Sebastian, Patrick, Ulli and Sebastian.

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