Born and raised in The Deep Dark Backwoods Of West Virginia, InFeKtId started his rap career in 1997 with a local friend Reapa in his Shed. InFeKtId at the time Labeled Himself Maniac Killa Released 6 albums 2 singles and one DVD Under the Band Name Midnight Killaz. They played some shows and sold a few cuts but Infektid Eventually Found his way to creating a solo album under the name infected killa At the time still remaining in the band midnight killaz but wearing a mask to represent himself as a solo career as infected killa. Infektid has released Five albums Toal(Cuts,Blood Guts and Gore, Murdercraft,System Failure, and On the Otherside) while remaining in the band. The "On The Otherside" Album was the Revealing of his Face to his Fans. After That Midnight Killaz was no more.

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