1995 saw the birth of HYPNOSIA, formed by Cab Castervall (guitars/vocals) and Mike Sjöstrand (drums). With a crystal clear aim of making a furious blend of fast and aggressive Thrash Metal and brutal Death Metal, they swore an oath to never change the style of the band's music. Inspired by acts like Slayer, Dark Angel, Kreator, Sadus, Death, Sodom and Sepultura, they set course to make music very seldom heard in this modern age of extreme metal. HYPNOSIA take off where the old legendary Thrash/Death Metal bands left the scene, changed direction too much or simply couldn't make good music anymore. With the spirit firmly rooted in the 80's up to early 90's Thrash and Death Metal scene, the band see it as their duty to take the feeling and energy of the past and carry it onwards into today's underground metal scene, to the next level of extremity. After having released two very successful demo tapes, "Crushed Existence" in 1996 and "The Storms" in 1997, HYPNOSIA was featured in many 'zines all over the world and several labels showed interest in releasing albums and offered contracts. A Mini-album called "Violent Intensity" was released on a very small Swedish independent label (Iron Fist Productions) in 1999, this was done mainly to spread the name further and to get recognition from a serious record label who could make a good offer. Right after the debut album's release Hampus Klang (guitars) became a member of the band. Later the same year Dutch label Hammerheart Records showed sincere interest and offered the deal the band had waited so long for. After the deal was settled HYPNOSIA wrote the last piece of music for the second album and rehearsed hard before finally entering the local Euphony Studios. The new album "Extreme Hatred" consists of all trademarks that has always been present in HYPNOSIA's music: the high speed thrash assault, aggression and brutality mixed into a nuclear explosion of Thrash and Death Metal.

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