Humo Del Cairo is a heavy psychedelic combo born in Buenos Aires, Argentina during late 2004. Previously two of its members - guitarist Juan Manuel Díaz and drummer Javier Murillo, former members of some of the most interesting bands in BA, like Baltimore In Love and Los Álamos- designed lots of projects together with avant-garde sounds and diverse luck. Finally, with the incorporation of bassist Gustavo Bianchi, the band found the necessary stability to fully develop. Comfortably established as a trio, Humo Del Cairo played live for the first time in October 2005. From that time on, they started touring regularly all around Buenos Aires. Their live show is a volcano. Their versatility to flow from extreme noise attacks to hypnotic atmospheres catch the attention of both fans and press, and the buzz quickly expands outside the local frontiers. In September 2006, just one year since their debut, they tour around Chile for the first time with local stoners Camión. Back in Argentina they started recording their debut LP with local producer Gonzalo Rainoldi (El Pájaro) at El Pie and Quark studios. It's a long process, but after 6 months of work the result is above all expectations. Black Sabbath, Fela Kuti, Kyuss, Jimi Hendrix, and Argentinean cult bands Pappo's Blues and Color Humano all coexist along the 6 tracks of the record. Naturally flowing between the calm and the storm, their songs include Latin roots jams as well as aggressive guitar riffs. In August 2007 "Humo Del Cairo", the record, is finally released through local label Estamos Felices. One year later the band plays two important gigs in Niceto Club: as the opening act for Los Natas, and a special show in the Festival Estamos Felices along with Nairobi, a local dub band, with 2 drummers and 10 musicians on stage. During this time they also do several acoustic presentations, like the one at Pecha Kucha Night, an event where successful cultural entrepreneurs such as or Marta Minujín share their experience with the people. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.