Hollywoodoo started in 1993, in Veszprém, Hungary. In 2000 the increasingly popular band moved to Budapest on the chance of a breakthrough. The first album -titled Stabil Oldalfekvés- came out in 2001, under a Warner publishing. It was recorded in Warner-Magneoton's top studio, Aquarium. Kívánj tízet- the first video taken from this album was No.1 for 3 weeks on the hungarian music channel's Viva chart. After a lot of concerts, in 2004 the band went to an almost-home studio, without any producers, and made a very strong stuff, with a pregnant, heavy sound. Sounding of this album -Karmolok, harapok- resulted younger, and rock-orientated audience. The honest, and free-spoken songs, and the fans' responses about that made us to make a more demanding album without any compromises. Az Isten Lába came out in august of 2006 published at Edge records, on CD, and CD+DVD.

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