Hard Knox



In 1984, a band from Tennessee emerged that would change the face of music in that area for the next several years. They were called Hard Knox, in reference to the Knoxville vicinity they hailed from, and consisted of Gene Hadley on Lead Vocals, Daniel Lusk on Guitar, Don Murray on Bass and Billy Baker on Drums. Adopting the style and sound that were prominent in Los Angeles at the time, in 1985 they released an album, “Mark Of The Rocker” that would place the band in the hearts and minds of Hard Rock and Glam Metal fans for the next 5 years. A number of songs were played in full rotation on several radio stations throughout the region and launched them into cult hero status overnight. After their breakup in 1990 the members all pursued different directions, some music related, some not, but Hard Knox left an indelible mark that is still a viable 80s Rock sound to contend with, and easily comparable to their 80s metal counterparts of that period..

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