Gargula Valzer



Gargula Valzer was founded in 2004 when Getulio Silenzio acquired a small keyboard and has recorded his ideas for the scene by releasing the first-cd called "Pale Applause And Nightmare". In 2005 Silenzio was impressed so much about a lot feedbacks, the minds of a New Generation in the scene were incredible. The second CD was produced;"Ignominous Phalazaious", by Getulio Silenzio & Alexandre Augustus; Layer: Júlio (Dark Visions Tattoo). "Ignominous Phalazaious" is simply a marvelous CD. The sound in itself is Gothic, nothing of metal, or any thing in that way... as well as the previous one. Electro-Gothic by the fact of be a work developed by an only person that work with programming, keyboard and voice; however, Gothic above all... They are beautiful things that compose this CD, and all they express funeral feelings, exhales loaded climates and watered the compositions with very good taste. "The subjects involve vampirism, gothic and medievalism" and the own words from Silenzio. It is difficult compare with some another one band; for serve of parameter to the Internet users interested, some keyboards are able to 'remember' tearful in the first albums. Also it has got some samba rhythm like Dead Can Dance.Perhaps, a light influence, barely perhaps... not a negative point does exists to aimed on this CD, except the fact for the length... be able to have more some of this music in the same lineage, seen that the sound is not boring, a lot by the contrary, enough tempting one mood of funeral music and vampíric; particular, 'Marcus ASBarr' [BDC Outputs], who says: "This is the opportunity of support the growth of the Brazilian independent artistic setting through unique experience. The work developed by the 'Gargula Valzer' is a door for the Gothic universe. It participates in the community of the Orkut: supports the actions and delight itself with a poetics and resonance without precedent in the Brazil. Soon a sample of the new work of the 'Gargula Valzer' also will be available here in the VIRTUAL STORY LINE". Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.