Full of Hell



Full of Hell is a grindcore band formed in 2009 and based in Ocean City, Maryland and central Pennsylvania. Their sound is an amalgam of 90s grindcore and death metal, with hardcore punk leanings (especially in their early material); in addition, Full of Hell incorporates industrial and power electronics, which is usually interspersed throughout their relentless grinding death, although they have released a handful of power electronics-only recordings. They were signed to A389 Recordings, through which they released two full length albums, Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home (2011) and Rudiments of Mutilation (2013). During that era, they also put out split EPs with Code Orange Kids, Goldust, and Calm the Fire. As previously stated, Full of Hell have also released power electronics recordings, some of which are contained within the four part FOH NOISE series, each volume of which was originally released on cassette through various labels; and the others are splits with The Guilt Øf... and Psywarfare.

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Derek Hoke plays unapologetically classic country from the pre-digital, hell, pre-cassette era. Think of it as a sort of pensive hillbilly. Derek and his songs aren’t going to lurch forward at you and shout in your face. He’s more the type of guy to lean back and play at his own pace and draw you in on his own terms.
Cory has long been known as a guy who can silence a raucous roadhouse with just the sparse picking of his acoustic guitar backing his house-whiskey-burnt lyrics. Branan has always been a man of many words, and on Mutt, he’s also a man of many sounds too.