There are four bands named Fancy. The most famous is Manfred Alois Segieth or Manfred Aulhausen. He started his career back in 1984 with his two successful singles Slice Me Nice and Chinese Eyes. In 1985 another hit song Bolero infected European countries uncontrollably (it was a top song in Spain for almost six months). For most of the next year (1986) Fancy was on the road, performing in European as well as US dance clubs. He really became famous with his 1987 album Flames Of Love. The title track captivated most of the Europe and also showed that Fancy knew what his audience wanted - quality, emotion filled, danceable songs. Two more albums followed in the same musical style and, not surprisingly, Fancy had number of hits with songs such as When Guardian Angels Cry and Angel Eyes. The next couple of albums took a more current EuroDance style direction (one of them was actually heavily based on rap), but now and again one or two tracks on his albums still serves as a reminder of the '80s hits. Fancy is still producing and writing tracks for other artists as well. Fancy is appearantly a very quiet and private person but gives all he has when producing and performing.

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