Eskorzo is a Spanish eight-piece Latin ska band formed in 1996. Their first recording is a demo called Rock de Libertad. An album called Si Las Cabras Pueden, Nosotros Tambien followed. Eskorzo perform a fusion of reggae, ska, Latin rock, and punk, and their lyrics are often based on controversial social issues such as racism and war. Their debut album, called Bullanga was released in 1999 on Crysalis EMI. The band played along with King Changó, as well as opened for Mexican Molotov around Spain. In May of 2001, Barcelona-based Tralla Records released Eskorzo's La Sopa Boba, featuring a reggae version of Triana's "Hijos del Agobio," participating in a compilation based on the Esparrago Rock festival with a song called "El Roto." Subsequent releases followed on Acostao records with Al Compas de los Vinagres in 2003, El Arbol de La Duda in 2004, and Paraisos Artificiales in 2009.

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