El Carrao de Palmarito



Juan de los Santos Contreras, better known like El Carrao de Palmarito and Clarín de la llanura, was a Venezuelan composer, singer and interpreter of joropo, son of Juan de Mata Laguna and Carmen Cecilia Contreras, was born in Palmarito, Apure state, April 7, 1928. Passed his childhood working in a farm near of hometown, started to sing from very young, reason why frequently was guest at the celebration and parties of Palmarito. In 1955 started to live at the city of Barinas. His first performance as singer, was in the radio station Radio Barinas, at the program Fiesta Criolla, where he acquires the pseudonym El Carrao de Palmarito, proposed by Luis Eduardo Camejo, a presenter of the station.

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