Ecay Uno



Born in Illinois, raised in San Diego and making a few trips back and forth while growing up, has given Ecay Uno (pronounced E-Say Uno) the ability to go beyond his block in his music and touch on any topic from a perspective that anyone can feel. He is a unique talent stands apart from the rest by providing listeners with a raw and gritty, yet profound take on life. There are no gimmicks or sensationalized scenarios in the stories that Ecay tells because his topics are based on true life experiences. Like most youth who are caught up by the lure of the streets, Ecay has had many hard lessons. It wasn’t until after living a life of crime, being riddled with 13 bullets and becoming paralyzed at age 19, that Ecay reached true maturity. With a new outlook on life, this survivor has transformed tragedy into triumph and is now determined to use his music as a vehicle to speak the truth.

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