Ecid is a kamikaze visionary: an artist with an all or nothing approach to every aspect of his art and life. Ambitious almost to a fault with an “us against them” DIY mentality, Ecid has self-booked, self released, and self-made his own movement. Ecid doesn’t try to sell you on any one way of life, he only sells you on the idea that you can live however you want. A Minneapolis native and a participant in the Twin Cities hip hop scene since 2003. ECID's new album, Werewolf Hologram was listed #20 on CMJ's "Top 50 Hiphop Albums" of 2012. It also earned the blue eyed charmer glowing reviews from MTV Hive, Stupid Dope, AOL Spinner, Eastern Surf, City Pages, and many more. The future is looking very fluorescent...

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