Dynametrix started of as funky force in 1985 with just two members Ace Shazamme (Shane Ryan) and Master Best( Best Igbenyemi-also known as the phantom) they were regular visitors when Tim Westwood used to play at Wormwood Scrubs in West London in the UK during that period and sometimes rocked the mic (The Art of MCing), they could also be seen at the Notting Hill Carnival in the early 90s and playing small clubs and town halls on sound systems long before their first deal. Ace shazamme was also a pirate radio/ party DJ who could be found at the then infamous Spin Offs in West London spinning and buying tunes with Ritchie Rich( who went on to record "don’t be flash") The first single by Funky Force was” its my mic" (1987) produced by Ace shazamme and using the talents of the pirate radio crew they were then involved with. Due to constant arguments with the label over sample clearance the track turned out to be a mediocre offering at best if not cliché.

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