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Adam Drucker (doseone) was born in Nampa, Idaho. A product of two well intentioned hippie parents whose extremely imagined relationship was unfortunately a half fusion of everything they had feared in their own mothers and fathers respectively. Needless to say the couple did not last, but the son of a one-time glass-blower managed with his ten-mile-a-minute wit, one of a kind voice, humor and imagination. His coming-of-age years were spent bouncing around Philadelphia and New Jersey perfecting his MC-battling skills. By the time he moved to Cincinnati in his late teens, he'd developed a unique style and approach that has been unmatched in that circuit since. Even though his talent landed him in a few final-round showdowns with freestyle legends like Eminem, JUICE, and members of Freestyle Fellowship in Cincinnati's annual "Scribble Jam," dose found battling ultimately unsatisfying. Sitting in his college classes, he no longer found himself daydreaming about battle comebacks, instead he started focusing more on poetry and began applying it to musical form.

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