Dillberriezz are psychobilly bastards from a glorious city of Kiev, Ukraine! Their favorite things to do are drinking, raping and robbing, and during the breaks between the riots they manage to perform gigs for such daft guys as they are themselves. Miraculously, performing their devilish and twisted music they manage to get to some bawdy places and cover the unsuspicious crew with the tooth aching Rock’n’Roll! During a year of their “creative activity” these scums of the earth were lucky enough: they managed to tempt a horrifying quantity of youngsters into their sect, they raided such settlements as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kharkiv, Simferopol, Sumy and Kiev, where they perform their barbarism quite regularly! Two times they managed to conquer the main stronghold of glamour television – M1 channel, where they also left traces. In the beginning of 2009 damn first recording achieved Internet. My dear friends and enemies believe me, that’s only the beginning! These devils incarnate will do everything possible and impossible. Their next aim is world supremacy! Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.