Der Feuerkreiner were born in Recanati, December 2000, by Federico Flamini and Valentina Castellani's common interest in mixing and joining their past musical experiences, apparently so different one to another: Federico and his electronic experiments under the Kunst Mork and Commotus Ingenio nicknames; Valentina as a student for polyphonic songs with Giuliano Viabile. At a first hearing, lyrics appear to be in german, but don't get wrong: the sonorities of that language is used exclusively for phonetics. The inspirer is Christian Morgenstern, surrealist German poet of the late '800, who accuses its epochal cultural down-hilling with lyrics between the joke and the grotesque; those lyrics are completely disgregated and then reassembled to perfectly fit the melodic line: some words are stretched, others are anagrammed and songs are deformed. Der Feuerkreiner's exhibitions are supported by videos aimed to capture the audience attention into series of images that act as a visual tapis roulant supporting the duo sonorities, involving into a vortex sequence of sensations throughout the show. All this thanks to their friend and director Michele Senesi, awarded by various national short-film festivals (Officine Italia in Ferrara, Digicomics in Napoli, and recently winner for the second year in the row of the Cinema Trash Festival of Torino) and present into other projects such as Les Enfants Pendus (group working at audio-visual narrative projects and cinema revitalization) and the Bradipo Film (producer for "Mucca Magnetica" and "Sexy Taxy"). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.