In July 2001, after some years of friendship and similar musical tastes, Claudio Popeye Old Seawolf on drums, Edvile on vocals, Claudio Speed Bistury and J. Noiseman on guitars; and Joe Fekalizator on bass decided to unleash their most extreme feelings, giving their first steps as a band to write and perform the most crushing and brutal music, starting under the name of Splattered Excrements. After many efforts and dedication, the debut demo "The Beginning Of Human Cruelty" was finally recorded and mastered at Sade studios by Juan Pablo Donoso being finished by the end of March 2003. In this time the band decided to change the name of the band to DEFACING. During 2004, with the inclusion of Diego Valenzuela as the lead guitarrist, DEFACING introduce themselves in different parts of Chile with important national and international bands like Undercroft, Pandemia and Dark Funeral among others, receiving a very good response from the people. In March of the same year, the band recorded their debut CD entitled "Spitting Savagery" in the SADE studios, which was about to be released by XTREEM MUSIC worldwide except Chile by NEGATIVE ENTERTAIMENT. DEFACING is actually in thea process of de-composition of new and extreme songs with the purpose of smashing and ripping everything on their ways, being joined for purpose by Carlos Berenguela as lead guitarrist.

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