Days of 29



Days Of 29 emerged from a chance meeting of two old friends at Heathrow Airport in the early 80’s. After jamming together with the assistance of a drum machine, a plan was hatched to start a band. They were able to persuade another friend to join and take over guitar duties. This trio then proceeded to scour London for weeks looking for another band mate to head up the drums department. They found the fourth member within a month and the band was complete.The next phase was to move to Scotland and create music for a year and a half….They set off on playing local gigs and by chance a record exec from the local independent label Trigger Happy experienced their gloomy post punk wave set and whisked the band off to Palladium Studios…The group produced this 3 song EP in 2 days and started playing shows around Britain, promoting the single “Destination D-Day.”

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