OK - take it from some one who got to know these guys a little too well: comadose is not a nu-metal band. they are much more than that. the are a rock core hard band, with hard lyrics, and even harder guitar riffs!!! this band even though short lived, was incredibly talented. long before they ever had dan the dj you here on their re-up album, the guitarist jack and tommy were mixing up the sounds with only petals to get the same effects. and with a lead singer who is mean and rough enough for guys yet hot enough for the ladies, a drummer who can never seem to stop playing faster and louder, and a bassist who can slap like a mother f**ker, a wicky wicked dj, and two of the best guitarist i have ever met (and ive met alot with alot of talent). that my friends is one sick band. now these guys toured with the likes of korn, slipknot, limp biscuit, and ozzy, that list of names right there tells you just how versitile these guys can be. now i like the re-up album you guys have posted on here, but please sombody...anybody please get some of thier first tracks. like boz the deerslayer, f**k it, pretty boy, and lowlife.

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