Rapper Cazwell is one of the more colorful characters to arrive on the NYC club scene since the ’90s heyday of Deee-Lite and RuPaul. He fires off raunchy rhymes over bumping club-friendly beats, boasts a distinctive visual flair, and knows how to rock a crowd live. His wicked verbal dexterity has prompted some critics to compare him with another blond MC with a big gay following, but it’s hard to imagine Eminem dropping lines like "Take off the Speedo/I’ll eat you like a Cheeto/You knew I was a freak/Don’t look surprised/When your ankles end up behind your eyes" (from the Cazwell tune "Do You Wanna Break Up?"), or rhapsodizing about shooting his load on a Times Square hustler’s mug, as Cazwell does in "Is It All Over Your Face?"

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