BRYAN LEE had struggled for more than 2 decades to make a living in music. Now 64, Lee came from Two Rivers, a blues collar factory town in northeast Wisconsin. He left after attending the Janesville School for the Blind, and he played in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and southern Wisconsin. Coming form the Midwest, Lee became friends with Luther Allison who also grew up in Wisconsin. “He was one of my favorite guys that I would run into on a regular basis. I did a Monday night blues jam in Milwaukee in this place called the Jazz Riverboat and he used to come out there. He used to do a gig in Milwaukee at the Brother’s Lounge that was 12 sets- 12 noon until midnight. I mean talk about paying your dues. They used to feed them and I think they made $50 bucks! Luther could do some pretty amazing things, he had the visual thing. But my visual thing isn’t that bad, considering that I am blind."

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