Formed in spring 2005 by five punks in order to play pure hardcore, spread their own ideas and bring up some chaos! After several member changes and a number of reasons that set them in hibernation, the band managed to perform for first time under the name Grey City, together with Rajhahtaa, Ghost Mice (USA), Straight Jacket Fit and others, in a small punk festival in the city of Larisa in spring 2006. The band changed its name to Antimob and a month later played one more gig in Villa Amalias squat in Athens, with the Spanish crusties Leadershit. In the following period the band focused on rehearsing and song-writing. In the meanwhile Petropan, the bass player, had to leave the band for personal reasons. The rest kept on rehearsing without bassist for almost a year, until the lizard-faced idiot, Midas, showed up! The band didn’t miss time and after getting back on track together with the new bassist, entered the studio to record eleven tracks for its Demo Tape and deput 7 inch with the great help of the master-goat of sound Nikos Giagoudakis. In the period of 2007 & 2008 Antimob played live with Hibernation, Rajahtaa, Born Dead (USA), AAS and Schwartz & Anger in Athens, went on a small Greek tour (in Thessaloniki and Kavala) together with their beloved Japerman folks Burial and did a small northern European tour in summer 2008 (Germany, Denmark and Czech). At the moment (2009) the band is taking a break since both Asthma and Midas are serving the corrupted and fucked military system of Greece (Shit-hole). A split with Burial is about to get pressed within 2009 and a full length should be expected in the beginning of 2010. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.