Kenji Kawai (川井憲次, Kawai Kenji), born April 23, 1957 in Shinagawa, Tokyo is a Japanese composer of music for motion pictures, anime movies, videogames and televised programs. He has contributed to the musical scores of the Mamoru Oshii (押井守) movies 攻殻機動隊 (Ghost in the Shell, 1995), イノセンス (Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, 2004), ケルベロス 地獄の番犬 (Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops, 2001), 紅い眼鏡 (The Red Spectacles, 1987) or Avalon (2001), as well as Hideo Nakata's (中田秀夫) films リング (Ringu, 1998), リング 2 (Ringu 2, 1999), 仄暗い水の底から (Dark Water, 2002), 怪談 (Kaidan, 2007), and 機動戦士ガンダム00 (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, 2008). Most recently he served as sound programmer on the videogame Silent Hill 3 and composer of the score for popular two-part movie Death Note.

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