Shila Ferber was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. She started playing the piano at the age of 5, and as a teenager she learned guitar and began writing songs, and preformed with her first band at the age of 18, and her second band during her army service (the band was called 'Shila Ferber'). At the middle of her 20s, while working as a lighting operator, a stage woman and a sound technician, Shila met Daniel Salomon, the keyboardist of the band 'HaTauyot' ('The Mistakes'), and a singer for himself. The two had chemistry between them, and Salomon, who really loved her songs, brought together Shila and Lilian Shotz, his personal manager, who at the past managed the band 'HaMehashefot' ('The Witches'). Shotz took Ferber below her wing, invested in recordings, and brought her together with Ram Orion, a member of the bands 'BeTrei Zuzei' ('for Two Cents') and 'Nosei HaMigba'at' ('The Brimmed Hat Carriers'), that in the past was the producer of Igy Waxman and Inbal Perelmutter.

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