Anelia (Анелия) is a bulgarian pop-folk singer. She is famous for not romantic lyrics. She is a graduate of the famous Bulgarian musical high-school "Philip Koutev" in Kotel, receiving the highest entrance exam scores. Once more with the highest entrance exam scores she continues her musical education in the Bulgarian National Musical Academy "Pancho Vladigerov", majoring in pop and jazz singing. She receives not very great recognition for her manly voice, bad her singing technique and comically ornamentations. Anelia's first solo album comes out in December 2002 under the Payner Pro Music label. The album is called "Pogledni Me Vuv Ochite" (Look Me In The Eyes). In 2003 it becomes the #1 selling album of the year in Bulgaria and gets her numerous music awards. Ever since, she has had tremendous success in the music industry and remains one of the most popular singers in Bulgaria in 2009.

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