Đubrivo is Croatian punk-metal band formed in 1994 by Koja (vocals) and Jure (bass). Their first demo "Postmodernistički Manifest Suvremene Kulturologije" (Post-modernistic Manifest of Modern Culturology )was taped in 1996. After that demo they had a lot of gigs and a lot of band setup changes. Thanks to their legendary demo "Zašto sarma ne leti?" (Why doesnt sarma fly?), Đubrivo took 1st place on Croatian Music Festival the same year when the demo was released, and they were also said to make their first album, which somehow wasn't released. Their first album "100% Prirodno" (100% natural)was released on April 1st, 2007. It included their greatest hits along with new singles "Porno Star" and "Zašto se ne pereš?". Today, Đubrivo is with no doubt one of the most popular croatian bands.

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