We're all about the flow this week with back-to-back-to-back staff favorites from the R&B side of town. [caption id="attachment_83071" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="Gordon Chambers"][/caption] After spending our Monday getting our football on, we ushered Tuesday in the door with a new cut from Grammy Award winner [mp3com-artist]Gordon Chambers[/mp3com-artist]. All about loving yourself so you can be loved by another, Mr. Chambers' gorgeous cut, "I Can't Love You (If You Don't Love You)" embraces the melodies of [mp3com-artist]Stevie Wonder[/mp3com-artist], the passion of early [mp3com-artist]Aretha Franklin[/mp3com-artist] and the jazz of our all-time favorite, the late [mp3com-artist]Phyllis Hyman[/mp3com-artist]. [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/gordon-chambers-i-cant-love-you.mp3" artist="Gordon Chambers" song="I Can't Love You" expiration="04/30/2012" email="none" year="2012" label="Gordon Chambers"/] [caption id="attachment_83070" align="alignnone" width="405" caption="Kevin Cossom"][/caption] On Wednesday, Will hooked you up with "Ashes To Ashes" by [mp3com-artist]Kevin Cossom[/mp3com-artist]. Taken from his upcoming album on [mp3com-artist]Danja[/mp3com-artist]'s N.A.R.S. imprint, Kevin enlists the help of [mp3com-artist]Rick Ross[/mp3com-artist] for this "plush, glamorous track where the two narrators charm with their brash sense of confidence." [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/493638522/Ashes%2Bto%2BAshes%2Bfeat.%2BRick%2BRoss.mp3" artist="Kevin Cossom" song="Ashes to Ashes feat. Rick Ross" email="none" label=" N.A.R.S./RCA Records"/] [caption id="attachment_83072" align="alignnone" width="405" caption="Paypa"][/caption] We thought it couldn't get better but yesterday it did. From Chicago via LA, Marcus Moody (a.k.a. [mp3com-artist]Paypa[/mp3com-artist]) left behind the heavy rhyme with "Oh, That's My Sh*t," an ode to, well, his sh*t. Heavy on the Henny and the Barneys (the store, not the 'saur), Paypa rolls hard on this one. [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/paypa-oh.mp3 " artist="Paypa" song="Oh That's My S#!t" email="none" year="2011"/]

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