For Part 2 of our Back to School Playlist, we're adding a two new tracks: [mp3com-artist]Charles Hamilton[/mp3com-artist]'s "Loserville" and [mp3com-artist]Owen[/mp3com-artist]'s "Good Friends, Bad Habits." These two songs are at different ends of the music spectrum but both deal with the complexities of friendships and social situations. Hamilton struggles to find a balance between being himself and being accepted by others; Owen laments the self-destructive habits that hurt his friends.  Returning to school, these are situations that everyone faces.  These are a couple of good ruminations on the subject. [mp3com-download url=" " artist="Charles hamilton" song="Loserville" email="none" year="2011" label="Indie"/] [mp3com-download url=" " artist="Owen" song="Good Friends, Bad Habits" email="none" year="2011" label="Polyvinyl Records"/] [mp3com-download url=" " artist="Atari Teenage Riot" song="Black Flags" email="none" year="2011" label="Dim Mak"/] [mp3com-download url=" " artist="Math and Physics Club" song="Jimmy Had a Poloroid" email="none" year="2011" label="Matinee Recordings"/] [mp3com-download url=" " artist="Summer Fiction" song="Chandeliers" email="none" year="2011" label="Indie"/] [mp3com-download url=" " artist="Midwest Pen Pals" song="Leaving Songs" email="none" year="2011" label="Indie"/]

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