One of country music’s great traditionalists, Trace Adkins has carried the torch for old-school country during the recent times of trendy pop-country.  Mixing elements of honky-tonk, gospel, blues and rock, Adkins has stood tall with his own style, refusing to bend to whatever new fad comes along.

“Million Dollar View” is a track off of his new album Proud to Be Here. An ode to his wife, it’s what he calls a “get out of jail free song” – something that, when his wife is mad at him, he can point to a say “Look honey, I wrote this for you!” As any guy could appreciate, it’s a pretty great idea, and it’s also a great tune.

On this live version of the track (who’s funny intro monologue I won’t spoil entirely), you get to experience Adkins in his element: up on stage performing.  You can hear him feeding off of the crowd’s energy, putting real emphasis into his words – and you can tell that he believes every one of them.

With his deep burly voice and no nonsense songwriting, Trace Adkins is doing country music as it was always meant to be done.

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