One of the real pleasures of listening to a good sound system is hearing (and feeling) real detail in the low end frequencies. Most entry level systems lack the capability to create good bass, but MonoPrice has released two models that could be game changers for those on a budget that still want good sound. The MonoPrice 8248, an 8 inch sub, and the 8249, a 12 inch sub, are priced at just $57 and $84 respectively!  Both got the thumbs up approval from CNET's resident audophile Steve Guttenberg. The 8248 is better for small room music playback.  It doesn't have quite the oomph of the 12 inch 8249, but it has a very accurate response. The 8249 model can really rumble, and while its not quite as detailed as its smaller counterpart, it's very effective when you just wanted to create a serious bass presence. It would excel as part of a home theater set up or if you are playing music in a large space. In addition to extending the low-end sonic range of your system, a subwoofer also takes part of the load off of you speakers, which allows them to function better.  Pairing the right sub with you speakers can dramatically improve your listening experience.   What kind of sub do you use? Let us know in the comments if you have any recommendations.

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