Avicii’s True is truly a treat for people who love listening to electronic dance. Unlike other EDM artists, Avicii’s music can be heard without banging your head against the wall. His music actually has a rhyme and a reason behind his projects. That’s something that many other artists in his genre lack. His latest album is all about bringing together different genres into a cohesive album. You’ll hear a variety of folk and country. It’s actually poppy and full of dance. He does a great job at diversifying tastes among fans by making it a dance album. You can say it’s similar to Daft Punk’s latest album, in the sense that it’s appealing to a large group of listeners. Throughout the album, Avicii is assisted with other notable artists such as Audra Mae, Adam Lambert, Dan Tyminski and Aloe Blocc. Despite those big names, Avicii makes his claim as the one-and-only superstar. Each track on his album is produced with a unique beat that first perfectly with the vocalist. More importantly, his lead track “Wake Me Up” has been making a wave all over the world. It’s a great song mixing the best of both worlds. It has a bit of country and a whole lot of dance with a lively connotation that somehow blends the song’s somber lyrics.

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